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Sagada Travel Guide: An Excellent Guide to the World

A village in Sagada, Mountain Province

This Sagada Travel Guide helps you make the most of your three days in Sagada. It features a well-thought-out travel itinerary and a detailed budget for the trip.

Disclaimer: Some information in this Sagada Guide changes too often. If you continue reading this article, you agree to cross-check information with concerned authorities. Please read the site’s full Terms.


I face challenges and hardships like many other people do. Hence, I embraced early on that life may be difficult and demanding.

Our parents separate when I was six. My mother went to work abroad and my father moved out to start a new family. I was nine years old when I had a near-death experience and endured the endless bullying.

In addition, I spent a difficult year by myself when I was twelve years old and experienced severe migraine that lasted ten years. Moreover, I was unable to get into the university of my dreams and turn down numerous times by corporate. I was deeply in debt at thirty, with no savings, no assets, and a mountain of debt.

I sought solace in the mountains of Sagada, a secluded and relaxed village in the northern-central Philippines. This tranquil setting helped me rebuild and heal after I went through my life’s most challenging times.

Sagada Travel Guide Contents

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Quick Fact About Sagada

Sagada has a distinct burial practice where the corpse of their departed locals hung in coffins. They believe it brings the souls of the dead closer to heaven.

Visa in the Philippines

Holders of foreign passports intending to visit the Philippines should contact the Embassy of the Philippines regarding entry requirements. Otherwise, consult, a reputable and trusted visa service provider.

Travelers to the country must undergo stringent immigration procedures. Please read the article, ‘How to Avoid Getting Offloaded at Philippine Immigration?’

Standard Time in Sagada

The Coordinated Universal Time, or UTC, in the mountains of Sagada is UTC +08:00.

Thus, Sagada is four hours ahead of Dubai, six hours ahead of Paris, and seven hours ahead of London. Also, Sagada is twelve hours ahead of New York City. Conversely, Sagada is an hour behind Tokyo and three hours behind Sydney.

Climate in Sagada

The Philippines has a tropical climate, which is warm, wet, and humid throughout the year. However, mountainous areas like Sagada have a more temperate climate than the rest of the country. 

Best Time to Visit Sagada

Sagada, much like Batanes, is a perfect escape to avoid the scorching heat of the summer. It has a milder temperature that is best suited for outdoor activities.

March to May

The summer season begins in March and lasts until May. These months may experience a pleasantly warm climate, thus, one of the ideal times to visit Sagada. 

June to October

The months from June until October mark the start of the wet season in Sagada. It is prone to downpours and typhoons that may likely result in landslips.

Nevertheless, visiting Sagada during the rainy season is still good since rainfalls and typhoons don’t persistently occur.

November to February

The best time of the year to visit Sagada is from November to February. Visitors may experience a drier and colder atmosphere during this season. Thus, wearing outerwear is advised to keep you warm from the cold weather.

Language in Sagada

Kankana-ey is the language spoken in Sagada. Aside from their native tongue, the ‘Igorots or Kankana-eys also converse in Ilocano, Tagalog, and English.

Here are the essential Kankana-ey words and phrases to learn before your trip to Sagada, Mountain Province.

  • Gawis ay agsapa – Good morning
  • Kas-ano ka? – How are you?
  • Gawis ay masdem – Good afternoon
  • Sino di ngadan mo? – What is your name?
  • Gawis ay labi – Good evening
  • Nalpuam? – Where are you?
  • Pakada – Goodbye
  • Umayam? – Where are you going?
  • Entako – Let’s go
  • Awni kod – Please wait
  • Danan – Way
  • Salodsod – Question

Currency in Sagada

The Philippine peso, abbreviated as PHP, is the official currency in the Philippines. Exchange rate as of October 28, 2022: PHP 57.86 or USD 1.

Modes of Payment in Sagada

Sagada remains a cash-centered economy where most transactions are in cash. For withdrawals, Sagada Information Center has a cash dispensing machine found inside their office.

Sagada Travel Guide Tip: Bring enough money to cover the entire length of your trip. The only ATM in Sagada will likely run out of cash and is sometimes offline.

Ways of Getting to Sagada

Roughly 400 kilometers from Metro Manila, the remote town of Sagada is only accessible via inland travel. This long drive will take around eleven hours from Metro Manila. Otherwise, spend some time in Baguio or Banaue before heading to Sagada.

Metro Manila to Sagada via Baguio

Provincial buses like Victory Liner, Joy Bus, and Solid North have daily trips from Pasay, Manila, Cubao, and Caloocan Terminals to Baguio. The travel length from Metro Manila to Baguio is about 4-6 hours.

From the bus station in Baguio, hail a taxi to Dangwa Bus Terminal and pay around PHP 100.00 or USD 1.73. Embark to Besao bound buses like GL Liner or Lizardo Bus, which collect PHP 220.00 or USD 3.80 per way. It will take around six hours to reach Sagada from Baguio.

Sagada Travel Guide Reminder: The final bus call from Baguio to Sagada is 1:00 pm. To catch the last departing bus to Sagada, take an evening trip to Baguio. 

Metro Manila to Sagada via Banaue

Ohayami Trans and Coda Lines are provincial buses that operate the Metro Manila to Banaue route. From their bus stations in Sampaloc and Cubao, it will take roughly nine hours to reach Banaue.

Moreover, spend around one hour on the road from Poblacion, Banaue to Bontoc, and another 45 minutes to Sagada. Transports like jeepneys and vans bring you toward these destinations. 

Metro Manila to Sagada

Coda Lines Bus in Cubao has direct trips from Metro Manila to Sagada. The entire travel will take about eleven hours, but there are journey breaks on the way.

Sagada Travel Guide Tip: Alternatively, reserve an organized Sagada tour with Banaue and Baguio side trips. It covers van transfers, lodgings, entrance fees, and meals.

Getting Around Sagada

While some areas within Patay (Poblacion) are walkable, Sagada has a few transportation options like jeeps and multicabs. Moreover, ride a tricycle or motorcycle for close distances if you don’t have the stamina to match Sagada’s sloppy terrain.

Jeepneys and Multicabs

These multi-seater transports are for outside the Sagada town proper, such as the Lamagan and Blue Soil Hills. For adventure seekers, opt for a top-load ride. Riding on a moving jeep while firmly seated on its roof racks offers a thrilling Sagada experience.

Areas to Stay in Sagada

Sagada is a laidback community nestled in a valley. This sleepy locale offers many decent accommodations found along Sagada’s main thoroughfares. Although no high-end hotels are in Sagada, there are wide-range guesthouses, hostels, and inns to stay in for a multi-day vacation.

South Road

Alongside the South Road heading towards Lumiang and Sumaguing Caves are multi-story sleeping accommodations, restaurants, and retail. South Road is a well-liked area famous for its diners and cafés. Some are the Yoghurt House, Salt & Pepper Diner,  Sagada Brew, and Sagada Lemon Pie House. 

Sagada-Besao Road

To get nearer to the Sagada Pottery, spend the nights at homestays and hostels along Sagada-Besao Road or West Road. Like South Road, accommodations are multi-story buildings with attached restaurants and bars.

Staunton Road

This sprawling section of Sagada, the Staunton Road, has lodges and is home to the Sagada Weaving. It also serves as a service road to remote spots such as Kiltepan Viewpoint and Bomod-Ok Falls.

Internet in Sagada

Despite being a mountain town, the internet connection in Sagada is relatively good due to its improved cell site infrastructures.

Power Adaptor in Sagada

Sagada operates on a 220 V supply voltage with a frequency of 60 Hz and has one type of power adaptor:

  • A or has two flat parallel pins

Sagada Travel Guide Itinerary

Sagada Travel Guide Highlights: Sights and Attractions
Highlights: Sagada Hanging Coffins, Kapay-aw, Lamagan, and Sagada Town.

Day 1 - Central Sagada

09:30 pm – 08:30 am Travel to Sagada

08:30 am – 08:32 am Arrival in Sagada

  • From Sagada Bus Stop
  • Walk toward Tourist Information Center

08:32 am – 09:00 am Register and pay a tourism fee of PHP 100.00 or USD 1.73 (keep tickets), and book tour packages.

Below are the arranged tours offered at the Tourist Information Center as of September 2022:

Mission Compound with Echo Valley
PHP 320.00 or 5.53
Maximum of 4 pax
Inclusion: a tour guide

Paytokan Walk: Mission Compound with Echo Valley and Bokong Falls
PHP 1,000.00 or USD 17.28
Maximum of 7 pax
Inclusion: a tour guide

Sumaguing Cave
PHP 1,200.00 or USD 20.74
Maximum of 5 pax
Inclusion: a tour guide and shuttle service

Bomod-Ok Falls
PHP 1,400.00 or USD 24.20
Maximum of 7 pax
Inclusion: a tour guide and shuttle service

Lumiang – Sumaguing Cave Connection
PHP 1,900.00 or USD 32.84
Maximum of 3 pax
Inclusion: a tour guide and shuttle service

Nabas Ang Ampucao
PHP 2,000.00 or USD 34.57
Maximum of 7 pax
Inclusion: a tour guide and shuttle service

Lamagan and Blue Soil Hills
PHP 2,950.00 or USD 50.99
Maximum of 7 pax
Inclusion: a tour guide and shuttle service

Sagada Travel Guide Reminder: The cost for each head relies on the number of participants joining a specific tour.

09:00 am – 01:00 pm Confirm reservation and check-in at Kanip Aw Pines View Lodge, have breakfast and lunch, and nap

Yoghurt House

The Yoghurt House is one of Sagada’s well-known casual dining restaurants along South Road. It is a two-story building with an upstairs balcony serving buttermilks, breakfast meals, drinks, and sandwiches.

Yoghurt House is open, from Monday through Sunday, from 08:30 a.m. to 08:30 p.m.

01:00 pm – 03:00 pm Walking tour at Patay (Poblacion)

  • From Sagada Tourism Office
  • Walk to the Church of Saint Mary the Virgin

St. Mary the Virgin Church

The Church of Saint Mary the Virgin is an Episcopal church built under the headship of Reverend John Staunton. Constructed in the early 1900s, it is considered the oldest church in the Cordilleras and the center of American missionary works.

Sagada Travel Guide Reminder: There is an access fee to the Mission Compound amounting to PHP 10.00 or USD 0.17 per head. This amount is payable at the site entrance.

Echo Valley

A few meters from St. Mary, the Virgin Church is a spot with a view of limestones covered in lush greeneries. It produces reverberating sounds when someone screams.

Sagada Hanging Coffins

A visit to Sagada would not be complete without seeing the hanging Coffins. These coffins hung on the surfaces of cliffs are ancient practice that has existed for over 2,000 years.

According to the locals, it is a belief that the upraised caskets with corpses will bring their spirits nearer to heaven. Or may prevent the remains from wild animals.

03:00 pm – 03:45 pm Visit the Sagada Weaving

  • From the Echo Valley
  • Hike back to the town proper
  • Walk toward Sagada Weaving

Sagada Weaving

Established in 1968, the Sagada Weaving is a workshop and store that produces and sells Sagada’s finest woven fabrics. It has a collection of hand-made products like apparel, bags, and other souvenir items.

There is no entrance fee.

03:45 pm – 08:00 pm Head back to lodging, take some rest, freshen up, and have dinner
08:00 pm Sleep

Day 2 - East and West Sagada

03:30 am – 04:30 am Wake up, take a bath, and prepare

04:30 am – 05:45 am Head to Lamagan for the sunrise viewing

  • From the lodge
  • Take the shuttle service
  • Alight at the drop-off point in Gimpeng, Eastern Sagada
  • Hike toward Lamagan

Sagada Travel Guide Tip: The entire trail entails around 4-5 hours. So, bring energy bars and your drinking water to keep you hydrated. Also, don’t forget to bring your headlamps and flashlights. 

05:45 am – 10:45 am Trek at Lamagan and Blue Soil Hills


Sunrise chasing is one of the most popular things to do in Sagada. To catch the rising sun, climb to Lamagan or Marlboro Hills – one of Sagada’s incredible sunrise viewing spots.

Perfect weather allows spectators to witness the peeping sun over the Cordillera mountains and the ocean of clouds.

  • From Lamagan
  • Trek downhill to Blue Soil Hills

Blue Soil Hills

Trek about three kilometers from Marlboro Hills to reach Sagada’s Blue Soil Hills, locally called ‘Kaman-utek.’ It has a distinct pale-bluish color due to the high amount of copper sulfate in this area enclosed with Pine trees.

10:45 am – 11:05 am Head to Poblacion

  • From the exit point in Madoto, South Sagada
  • Take the shuttle service
  • Alight at Poblacion

11:05 am – 02:00 pm Take some rest and have breakfast and lunch
02:00 pm – 05:00 pm Explore the West Road

Ganduyan Museum

Situated closer to Sagada Town Hall, Ganduyan Museum is a privately-owned museum that exhibits indigenous artifacts like weapons, wares, textiles, etc. The local behind this gallery, Christina Aben, aims to preserve the town’s cultural heritage through these valuable pieces of Sagada.

There is no entrance fee at Ganduyan Museum, but a donation is accepted.

Sagada Travel Guide Fact: Ganduyan is the former name of Sagada.

Sagada Pottery

Located alongside Sagada-Besao Road, Sagada Pottery is a workshop with a gallery displaying various types of earthen crafts. There is a demonstration about the basics of pottery for PHP 100.00 or USD 1.73 per session. Moreover, resident artisans offer guided actual pot-making for PHP 100.00 or USD 1.73.

The Sagada Pottery is open from Monday until Sunday, from 10:00 a.m. to 05:00 p.m.

05:00 pm – 08:30 pm Head back to the lodge, take some rest, and have dinner

08:30 pm Sleep

Day 3 - South and North Sagada

05:00 am – 07:15 am Wake up, prepare, have breakfast, and head to Lumiang Cave

  • From the lodge
  • Take the shuttle service
  • Alight at the Lumiang Burial Cave

Sagada Travel Guide Reminder: Activities like the cave connection are not advisable for children, seniors, and those with health problems.

07:15 am – 11:15 am Caving at Lumiang and Sumaguing

Lumiang Cave

The 4-5 hour spelunking through the cave connection usually begins at the Lumiang Cave. From the cave entrance, visitors will notice stacks of wooden coffins, including Sagada’s oldest casket, about 500 age-old.

Sumaguing Cave

From Lumiang Cave, enter Sagada’s enormous cavern – the Sumaguing Cave. This underneath cave network offers adrenaline-fueled activities that will test one’s stamina, like rappelling.

Inside the Sagada’s ‘Big Cave’ are striking rock formations resembling an elephant, a pregnant woman, and even a cake.

11:15 am – 11:30 am Head to Poblacion

  • From Sumaguing Cave
  • Take the shuttle service
  • Alight at Poblacion

11:30 am – 01:30 pm Take a rest and have lunch

01:30 pm – 05:00 pm Explore Bomod-Ok Falls

  • From Poblacion
  • Take the shuttle service
  • Alight at the drop-off point in Bangaan
  • Trek downhill towards Bomod-Ok Falls

Sagada Travel Guide Reminder: There is access fee to Bomod-Ok Falls amounting to PHP 10.00 or USD 0.17 per head. This amount is payable at Barangay Fidelisan.

Bomod-Ok Falls

The Bomod-Ok Falls are perhaps Sagada’s most striking waterfalls. The ‘Big Falls’ is the highest among the falls in Sagada, the Pongas, and Bokong.

Visitors must surpass the uneven terrains to reach these 200 feet falls in Sagada’s northernmost village. You will pass through rice paddies and rivers for an hour before reaching the town’s tallest falls. 

  • From Bomod-Ok Falls
  • Trek to the pick-up point in Barangay Pide
  • Take the shuttle service
  • Alight at Poblacion

05:00 pm – 08:30 pm Head to the lodge, take some rest, and have dinner

Sagada Lemon Pie House

Located alongside South Road, Sagada Lemon Pie House is a specialty restaurant known for its signature recipe, the lemon pie. This food house also serves meals that are best with homemade lemonade.

The Lemon Pie House is open from Monday to Sunday, from 06:00 a.m. until 08:00 p.m.

08:30 pm Sleep

Day 4 - Banaue

05:00 am – 07:00 am Wake up, take a bath, have breakfast, lodge check out
07:00 am – 07:15 am Walk toward Sagada bus station
07:15 am – 08:30 am Travel to Bontoc, Mt. Province
08:30 am – 09:45 am Head to Banaue, Ifugao

Budget for Sagada Trip

In 2022, I spent P 6,010.00 for three days and three nights in Sagada. However, costs may still vary based on your travel lifestyle. Please read ’35 Excellent Tips to Save Money on Travel.’

Below is the Sagada Travel Guide budget for your reference. 


  • Bus fare, from Metro Manila to Sagada, PHP 960.00
  • 3D3N lodging, PHP 3,780.00/2, PHP 1,890.00

1st Day

  • Sagada Tourism Fee, PHP 100.00
  • Breakfast and lunch, P 210.00
  • Mission Compound with Echo Valley Tour, P 320.00/2, PHP 160.00
  • Lamagan to Blue Soul Tour, PHP 2,950.00/5, PHP 590.00
  • Cave Connection Tour – from Lumiang Cave to Sumaguing Cave, PHP 1,900.00/3, PHP 640.00
  • Bomod-Ok Falls Tour, PHP 1,400.00/5, PHP 280.00
  • Mission Compound Access Fee, PHP 10.00
  • Dinner, PHP 160.00

2nd Day

  • Breakfast and Lunch, PHP 160.00
  • Ganduyan Museum, PHP 50.00
  • Pottery demonstration, PHP 100.00
  • Dinner, PHP 160.00

3rd Day

  • Breakfast, PHP 160.00
  • Lunch, PHP 160.00
  • Bomod-Ok Falls Access Fee, PHP 10.00
  • Dinner, PHP 210.00

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Sagada Travel Guide Question: What is the former name of Sagada?

Please drop your answers or messages in the comment section. Thank you, and see you on the road!


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