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From books to bookings

The Travel Blogger

Hello there! I am Juls, a young-budding travel blogger from the Philippines and the founder of Traveledictorian – a promising travel blog site. 

An Outgoing Kid

Growing up in a relaxed and distant town has taught me to appreciate a humble life. Like many kids my age, I am fond of the outdoors and always get scolded when I go home late. 

Outdoorsy to a Homebody

At age 13, I lost interest in the outdoors. I rarely hang out with friends and stay at home to read books. Hence, I finished school at the top of my class. Then I realized that there are many things the world has to offer than academics. 

Travel for Work and Leisure

I worked in a company that offers travel to the Philippines. Traveling with free flights and hotel accommodations is perhaps a dream job for many. After work, I visit attractions, eat local cuisines, meet new people, and enjoy evening parties. 


I ended up in situational depression when I made an impulsive decision to quit my forever dream job. The days are gone when I got to work for travel and enjoy life as if it was the last. 

The Recovery

During those days, I visited the mountains of Sagada and explored top-notch destinations in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. I recouped slowly, rebuilt my broken dreams, and pursued my passion for travel, photography, and writing.


A Piece of Advice

Do consider traveling when suffering setbacks, mental problems, losing someone essential or being stressed out. Indeed, travel is therapy for our healing.

Future Travel Plans

I also want to undertake humanitarian work in my future travels. I co-founded a charity named ‘Claus Gives Back’ that offers help to street dwellers. To God be the glory!

Check out my Instagram as I document some of the world’s most beautiful places. 

Your promising travel blogger,

J. Sac – Founder, Traveledictorian


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