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How to Fill Out the Departure Card for Filipinos?

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Some of your personal information, as well as your travel details, is collected on the departure card. Therefore, it is necessary to write the appropriate and correct information on this document as it will serve as your identification. Read ‘How to Fill Out the Departure Card for Filipinos?’ for a detailed guide.

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Aside from your valid passport and other travel documents, the accomplished departure cards must be presented before Immigration Officer. A departure card, otherwise known as the embarkation card, or outgoing passenger card, is a legal document for recording pertinent information. These include personal and travel details of the departing passenger.

Many countries, through their immigration, use departure cards to gather some passengers’ information. This is to facilitate proper border management, track passenger traffic, and for safety reasons.

How to Fill Out the Departure Card for Filipinos?

To avoid inconvenience at the immigration, here are a few essential things to keep in mind.

Bring a Pen

Before heading to the NAIA or other Philippine international ports like Bohol – Panglao, be sure to carry a pen, ideally a black ballpoint. Instead of borrowing someone else’s pen, bringing your pen may prevent you from the undue delay.

Get a Departure Card

Obtain the departure card at the airport’s check-in counters or the entrance of the immigration control area. For assistance, you may approach the ground personnel. 

Fill Out the Departure Card

Departing passengers are requested to write their personal information and travel details. It must be written legibly and ensure that card is free from tears and fold. Below are a few pieces of information asked for on the departure card.

Philippine departure card
A sample of a duly accomplished Departure Card

Passport or Travel Document Number

The passport or the travel document number consists of nine alphanumeric characters. It is shown on the top left of the passport’s bio page. Example: P1234567A

Complete Name

Your complete name consists of your last, first, and the middle names. Example: Dela Cruz Juan Sanchez

Date of Birth

The date of your birth should be written in this format, mm-dd-yyyy. Example 01-31-1991


Write ‘Filipino’ as your citizenship. 


Put a checkmark on the appropriate box if you are a male or a female.

Address Abroad / Hotel

Your address abroad or your hotel location is the whereabouts of the accommodation you are staying in overseas. Whether you’re staying at a relative house or hotel, indicate the house’s number, street name, town or city, country, and zip code. Example: Wink Hostel, 8A, Mosque St., Chinatown, Singapore, 059488

Address in the Philippines

Your address in the Philippines is your home address in the Philippines. Indicate the house number, street name, town or city, and country on the departure card. Example: 07, Rosal St., Fairview, Quezon City

Contact Number / Email Address

Write your valid contact information. Example: 09771234567 /


Your occupation refers to a job or profession. If you are an unemployed person, write a student. Example: Financial Consultant

Personal I.D. Number

A personal identification number is any of your valid identification numbers like social security, TIN, student ID, etc. Example: SSS 01-123456-7

Flight or Voyage Number

The flight or voyage number is the carrier code indicated on your booking confirmation or the boarding pass. Example: 5J 807

Port of Exit

Your port of exit is the place you are departing from. So, if you’re leaving Manila for Singapore, your exit port is Manila.

Primary Purpose of Travel

The primary purpose of travel is the main reason for your overseas trips, such as pleasure or vacation, work, etc. Tick the appropriate box. 


Affix your handwritten signature in the space provided to affirm that all the information you provided is correct and complete. 

Date of Arrival

The date of arrival is the date you are arriving at your destination. Example: March 15, 2022

Submit the departure card

Prepare all the required documents once the departure card is complete, head towards the immigration control area, and fall in line.

When it’s your turn, provide your passport and other documents, and submit the accomplished embarkation card to the Immigration Officer. However, you must undergo a strict immigration interview once your passport and departure card is handed in. To avoid getting offloaded, read the ‘How to Avoid Getting Offloaded at Philippine Airport? article for essential tips.


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