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Coron Travel Guide: An Excellent Guide to the World

Aerial view of a turqiouse-colored Coron Bay with towering limestone cliffs

This Coron Travel Guide helps you make the most of your three days on the island. It features a well-thought-out itinerary and a detailed budget for the trip. 

Disclaimer: Some information in this Coron Guide changes too often. If you continue reading this article, you agree to cross-check information with concerned authorities. Please read the site’s full Terms.


The Philippines’ last frontier, Palawan, is a well-known island destination for tourists. Coron and El Nido, two amazing tourist destinations that placed the Philippines on the map, are found in the country’s largest province.

El Nido attracts increased interest. However, we decided to visit Coron Island to see this equaly fascinating natural marvel firsthand. Being submerged in deep waters terrifies me. But, the breathtaking seascapes of the island gave me the strenght to face my worries.

Lakes, lagoons, and beaches nestled among the striking limestone cliffs beckon you to immerse yourself in their crystal-clear waters. Indeed, Coron is a lovely place for you to explore. Keep an open mind to appreciate its enlightening splendor and muster the courage to discover the hidden beauty that lies beneath its waters.

Coron Travel Guide Contents

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Quick Fact About Coron

Coron is among Asia’s best wreck-diving spots because of its well-preserved WW II shipwrecks. In 1944, U.S. forces launched air strikes against the Japanese warship fleet, sinking at least ten in Coron Bay.

Visa in the Philippines

Holders of foreign passports intending to visit the Philippines should contact the Embassy of the Philippines regarding entry requirements. Otherwise, consult, a reputable and trusted visa service provider.

Travelers to the country must undergo stringent immigration procedures. Please read the article, ‘How to Avoid Getting Offloaded at Philippine Immigration?’

Standard Time in Coron

The Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) in Coron is UTC +08:00.

Thus, Coron is four hours ahead of Dubai, six hours ahead of Paris, and seven hours ahead of London. Moreover, Coron is twelve hours ahead of New York City. Conversely, Coron is an hour behind Tokyo and three hours behind Sydney.

Climate in Coron

Coron Island has a tropical rainforest climate. Therefore, the island remains warm, humid, and wet throughout the year.

Best Time to Visit Coron

A visit to Coron during a summer-clear sky is a perfect match to watch the island’s underwater scenery. However, the pleasant weather also invites the crowd.

March to June

The months from March until June are the best time to visit Coron Island. However, the summer months are also the peak season. Hence, it is associated with hikes in flight costs and rates of accommodation. 

July to October

The months from July until October are prone to rainfalls and are at risk of typhoons. However, the wet season doesn’t always pour rain. Hence, you can book cheaper flights and rooms during the lean months.

November to February

Another perfect month to explore Coron is from November until February. Tourists may expect ocean breeze in this season.

Language in Coron

Aside from Cuyonon and Tinagbanua, two of the island’s dialects, Tagalog is predominately used for conversation. Moreover, many of the locals also converse in English.

Here are essential Tagalog words and phrases to learn before your trip to Coron Is., Palawan, Philippines.

  • Magandang umaga – Good morning
  • Kamusta – How are you?
  • Patawad – I am sorry
  • Maraming salamat – Thank you so much
  • Sandali lang – Wait
  • Nasaan ang ATM ? – Where is the ATM?
  • Tara na – Let’s go
  • Nasaan si..? – Where is..?
  • Ano ito? – What is this?
  • Magkano? – How much?
  • Bilang – Count
  • Ibigay mo sa akin – Give it to me

Currency in Coron

The Philippine peso, abbreviated as PHP, is the official currency in the Philippines. Exchange rate as of August 23, 2022: PHP 56.16 or USD 1.

Modes of Payment in Coron

Cash is the most preferred mode of payment in Coron. However, several restaurants and hotels accept major foreign-issued cards.

If you run short of cash, a few banks, such as BPI and Metrobank, provide ATMs in the town proper.

Ways of Getting to Coron

Coron, together with Busuanga, Linapacan, and Culion, constitute the Calamianes group of islands – found in northern Palawan. Busuanga is the largest among the four islands and the gateway to Coron and the rest of Calamianes isles.

By Air

Traveling via the air is the most efficient way to reach Coron. Thus, local airlines serve flights from Pasay, Clark, and Cebu to Busuanga.


Cebu Pacific, Philippine Airlines, Sunlight Air, and Skyjet offer direct flights from Ninoy Aquino International Airport to Francisco Reyes Airport. The flight time between Pasay and Busuanga is around an hour.

Clark, Pampanga

Also, Philippine Airlines provides direct transfer from Clark International Airport to Francisco B. Reyes Airport and vice versa. The flight duration between Clark and Busuanga is roughly an hour.


From Mactan International Airport, Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines caters to non-stop flights to Franciso B. Reyes Airport and vice versa. The flight hours between Cebu and Busuanga are around an hour and a half.

By Water

Some ferries also sail from Manila and El Nido to Coron Palawan and vice versa.


Ferries and other shipping lines depart from the Manila North Harbor Pier 4 to Coron Port. This long-haul voyage takes roughly 11 hours from the capital city.

El Nido

Travel via the sea if coming from El Nido and want to extend your ultimate Palawan escapade to Coron. From El Nido Seaport to Coron Port, it takes about 3 to 6 hours.

Getting Around Coron

The town of Coron shares a land border with the municipality of Busuanga on Busuanga Island. Tricycles, passenger vans, and boats are the main transportation modes in Calamianes.


This three-wheeled and open-air vehicle is the go-to transport around Coron town and nearby areas. The minimum fare costs PHP 25.00 or USD 0.45.

Passenger Vans

The town of Coron is around a 45-minute drive from Francisco B. Reyes Airport. To reach the municipal proper, hail or hire a commuter van at the airport.

The van rental is PHP 1,500.00 or USD 26.70 per way. Otherwise, hail for the one-way shared van service for PHP 150.00 or USD 2.67 per head.

Apart from transfer service, passenger vans are also available for tours around Coron town. This half-day tour covers tourist attractions like Mount Tapyas and Maquinit Hot Springs. The tour rate starts at PHP 750.00 or USD 13.35.


Outrigger boats serve as a transport method to islands near Busuanga. You will either avail of a private or joiners tour to explore Calamianes, including Coron Island.

Private Tour

Charter an exclusive boat if you wish for more flexible tour schedules. Hence, reserve a private boat at the Calamian Tourist Boat Association office near Lualhati Park.

Rates depend on the boat’s size and capacity. Below are standard boat rates for Coron Island Tour:

  • 2 to 4 – PHP 2,700.00 or USD 48.06
  • 5 to 8 – PHP 3,250.00 or USD 57.85
  • 9 to 15 – PHP 3,800.00 or USD 67.64
  • tour guide – PHP 500.00 or USD 8.90

Coron Travel Guide Reminder: Fees for the tour guide, boatmen, entrance, swim gear, and lunch excludes from the tour. For lunch, buy fresh goods at the market near the boat station and let the boat staff do the cooking.

Joiner Tour

Tour providers in Coron offer pre-arranged tours bundled with transfers, entrance, guides, meals, etc. Here are the Coron Island Tours to choose from on your next trip.

Coron Travel Guide Reminder: Tour rates may differ depending on the tour provider. Click the link, check the rates, and reserve exclusive tours. 

Island Tours

A. Coron Tour A includes CYC Beach, Coral Garden, Atwayan Beach, Secret Lagoon, Siete Pecados, and Kayangan Lake.

B. Coron Tour B covers Barracuda Lake, the Skeleton Wreck, Banul Beach, Twin Lagoon, and Reef Garden.

C. Coron Tour C covers Malcapuya Island, Coco Beach, and Ditaytayan Sandbar. 

D. Coron Island Super Ultimate Tour includes Kayangan Lake, Twin Lagoons, Siete Pecados Marine Park, Skeleton Wreck, Coral Garden, Atwayan Beach, and CYC Beach.

Area to Stay in Coron

Coron town is the commercial hub in the entire Calamian and the jump-off point to most spots like Coron Island. The municipality is the ideal locale to spend your days as it hosts various accommodations, from simple hostels to beach resorts.

Internet in Coron

Like some other outlying Philippine islands like Batanes and Siargao, Coron offers a reasonably decent internet speed. Aside from some hotels’ free WIFI, several cafés, bars, and restaurants also provide internet connectivity.

Power Adaptor in Coron

Coron operates on a 220 V supply voltage with a frequency of 60 Hz and has one type of power adaptor:

  • A or has two flat parallel pins

Coron Travel Guide Itinerary

Coron Travel Guide Highlights: Sights and Attractions
Highlights: Coron Islands

Day 1 - Coron Town

06:10 am – 07:40 pm Flight to Busuanga

07:40 am – 08:45 am Arrival at the Francisco B. Reyes Airport, and head to Coron town

  • From Francisco B. Reyes Airport
  • Take a van
  • Alight at the Coron Town Proper

08:45 pm – 01:00 pm Confirm reservation and check-in at Blue Waters Inn, and have lunch

Coron Travel Guide Tip: Alternatively, stay in a hostel. A hostel is an inexpensive lodging facility that provides basic amenities, such as bunk beds and shared bathrooms. Thus, if you are on a tight budget, book a hostel in Coron.

01:00 pm – 05:30 pm Tour around Coron Town

Mount Tapyas

Considered the second-highest peak in Coron, Mount Tapyas has an elevation of 210-meter above sea level. To reach the summit, have the stamina to match as you ascend the 742 steps toward the hill crest.

Aside from the towering cross and CORON sign erected atop the hill, a view of the surrounding scenery awaits visitors. The viewing deck offers a sweeping vista of the island’s coastal village and the expansive Coron Bay.

There is no entrance fee.

Maquinit Hot Spring

The Maquinit Hot Spring is a natural saltwater spring that is 30 minutes drive from the town of Coron. Soaking in these natural bathing pools offer relaxation after a grueling day tour.

The round-trip tricycle fare starts at PHP 350.00 or USD 6.23, and the entry fee is PHP 100.00 or USD 1.78.

Coron Travel Guide Tip: Do reserve your Coron Town Tour for added convenience. It includes transfers, entrance fees, and snacks

05:30 pm – 08:30 pm Head to accommodation and have dinner

08:30 pm Sleep

Day 2 - Coron Island

06:30 am – 07:30 am Wake up, prepare for the tour, and have breakfast

07:30 am – 08:00 am Head to the boat station, meet the tour guide, tour register, proceed to the public market, and buy ingredients

  • From accommodation
  • Take a tricycle
  • Alight at the boat station

08:00 am – 04:00 pm Tour in Coron Island and have lunch

Siete Pecados Marine Park

Translated as “seven sins,” Siete Pecados is a cluster of seven rocky islets near the shores of Coron town. Similar to Balicasag Island in Bohol, its surrounding waters are rich with coral reefs and various species of marine creatures. Hence, a perfect spot for leisure snorkeling. 

The entrance fee for Siete Pecados Marine Park is PHP 200.00 or USD 3.56 per head.

Coron Travel Guide Trivia: Tale reveals that Siete Pecados embodied the seven sisters who get drowned after defying their mother.

Kayangan Lake

Considered the most popular tourist site on the island of Coron, Kayangan Lake boasts pristine and clear salt waters. Underneath its turquoise-colored waters are the intricate rock formations and aquatic life, inviting divers to its underwater scenery.

However, to reach the hidden natural pool, trek a few meters. On the way, a rewarding panorama of Coron Bay entices you for quick snapshots of the island’s most photographed spot.

The entry fee for Kayangan Lake is PHP 300.00 or USD 5.34 per head.

Coron Travel Guide Fact: Kayangan Lake is part of Tinagbanua’s ancestral domain. Hence, proceeds from the fees collected go to the indigenous Tagbanua tribe.

Barracuda Lake

The Barracuda Lake is an equally appealing seascape located on the northern tip of Coron Island that boasts its gleaming blue waters. Its surrounding lofty cliffs planted underneath the unspoiled lake tempt you to sink and explore its beauty lies beneath.

The entry fee for Barracuda Lake is PHP 200.00, or USD 3.56 per head.

Banul Beach

Probably the most famous island beach in the entire Calamian Islands, Banul Beach boasts a stretch of powdery-white sands. Its clear salt waters and dark-shade rock formations offer a perfect spot to feast on freshly cooked meals.

The entry fee for Banol Beach is PHP 150.00, or USD 2.67 per head.

Twin Lagoon

True to its name, the Twin Lagoon is a pair of natural pools concealing within towering karst rock formations. The other lagoon is accessible by crossing a small underwater tunnel or along a ladder. This pair of bathing pools are best for kayaking and snorkeling. 

The entry fee for Twin Lagoon is PHP 200.00, or USD 3.56 per head.

Skeleton Wreck

There are at least ten sunken WWII ships in the Calamianes, including the Skeleton Wreck. The 25-meter-long wreck entombed within shallow waters has a diveable depth between 5-meter to 22 meters.

This well-known dive spot in Coron offers jaw-dropping underwater scenery where marine life and coral reefs conceal the sunken ship. The entrance fee for Skeleton Wreck is PHP 150.00, or USD 2.67 per head.

CYC Beach

Coron Youth Club, or simply the CYC Beach, is a small tropical island between Busuanga and Coron. The short stretch of fine white sands and clear waters form a stunning beachscape.

There is no entrance fee.

04:00 pm – 04:30 pm Head to the boat station

  • From CYC Beach
  • Take a boat
  • Alight at the boat station

04:30 pm – 05:30 pm Head to Coron Market and buy souvenirs

05:30 pm – 05:45 pm Head to accommodation

  • From Coron Public Market
  • Take a tricycle
  • Alight at the accommodation

05:45 pm – 09:45 pm Have dinner and nightlife

09:45 pm Sleep

Day 3 - Metro Manila

07:00 am – 10:15 am Wake up, have breakfast, and prepare for departure

10:15 am – 11:00 am Head to the Francisco B. Reyes Airport

  • From accommodation
  • Take a van
  • Alight at the Francisco B. Reyes Airport

11:00 am – 12:50 pm Have lunch, check in, and boarding

12:50 pm – 02:15 pm Fight to Manila

Budget for Coron Trip

In 2017, I spent PHP 9,268.00 for three days and two nights in Coron, Palawan. However, the costs may still vary depending on your travel lifestyle. Please read ’35 Excellent Tips to Save Money on Travel.’

Below is the Coron Travel Guide budget for your reference.


  • Round trip airfare, Manila to Busuanga, PHP 3,838.00
  • 3D2N accommodation with breakfast, PHP 2,100.00/2, PHP 1,050.00

1st Day

  • Francisco B. Reyes Airport to Coron Town via van transfer, PHP 150.00
  • Lunch, PHP 150.00
  • Coron Town Tour, PHP 650.00
  • Dinner, PHP 150.00

2nd Day

  • Hotel to boat station via tricycle, PHP 15.00
  • Private Island Boat Tour, PHP 2,000.00/2, PHP 1,000.00
  • Tour guide fee, PHP 500.00/2, PHP 250.00
  • Lunch, PHP 500.00/2, PHP 250.00
  • Snorkel rental, PHP 150.00
  • Siete Pecados entry fee, PHP 200.00
  • Kayangan Lake entry fee, PHP 300.00
  • Barracuda Lake entry fee, PHP 200.00
  • Banol Beach entry fee, PHP 100.00
  • Twin Lagoon entry fee, PHP 200.00
  • Skeleton Wreck entry fee, PHP 150.00
  • Boat station to the hotel via tricycle, PHP 15.00
  • Dinner, PHP 150.00

3rd Day

  • Coron Town to Francisco B. Reyes Airport via van transfer, PHP 150.00
  • Lunch, Php 150.00

Coron Travel Guide Sidenote: If you wish to extend and spend another day in Coron, Calamianes also offers other tours. Here are the popular leisurely and adrenaline-fuelled activities worth considering. 

Coron Island Escapade Tour covers the islands of Bulog Dos, Malcapuya, and Ditaytayan.

Reefs and Wrecks Day Tour covers the Lusong Gunboat, Coral Reef Garden, and Pass Island.

Calauit Safari and Beach Tour covers Calauit Game Refuge & Wildlife Sanctuary and North Cay or Rio Aplaya.

Culion Island covers Immaculate Concepcion Church, Aguila Viewpoint, Culion Museum and Archives, and Bogor Marine Park.

Coron Travel Guide Resources

To help you with your travel plans, I’ve gathered a checklist of carefully chosen travel resources. These are the trusted online marketplaces that I highly endorse because of their excellent deals.

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For transfers from point A to point B, go for 12Go! It has an extensive coverage of ground transports and ferries, too.

Coron Travel Guide Question: What is the largest among the Calamianes islands?

Please drop your answers or messages in the comment section. Thank you, and see you on the road!


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