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35 Excellent Tips to Save Money on Travel


This article, ’35 Excellent Tips to Save Money on Travel,’ provides in-depth advice on how to cut costs on travel.


Traveling is costly. However, you won’t break the bank if you carefully plan your trips. In 2019, I barely spent around PHP 10,700.00 or USD 192 for three days in the world’s most expensive city, Singapore. Thus, I was able to cut my travel expenses to nearly half the cost of a regular tour package.

Since 2016, I have commenced traveling with adequate funds and depend entirely on my well-crafted itineraries. I have visited several places and made the most of my time for each and every destinations while spending less.

You do not need to slice a copious amount of your budget to realize your long-held dream vacation. Otherwise, there are several tips to save money on travel. In this well-thought-out article, I have enumerated cost-saving tips for travel on flights and other travel essentials.

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Tips to Save Money on Travel for Flights

Air travel is arguably the most convenient and the quickest method for long-haul journeys. However, airfare costs much higher than any other available passenger transports, which cut a large chunk to your travel budget.

Due to competitive market and high demand, air carriers utilize a range of marketing strategies to draw in prospective passengers. As a result, customers gain from deals on low-cost flight. Here are several tips to save money on travel when flying:

Fly on Low-Cost Airlines

Reserve an economy flight class seat on a budget carrier, which is a prudent approach to lower travel costs when traveling via air. Even though the expensive airlines features first-rate amenities on board, nonetheless, both flights still convey passengers to their destination.

Book a Flight in Advance

Airline tickets are pricier as they draw nearer to the preferred departure date. Hence, it is ideal to book a flight in advance. The cost of airline tickets is comparatively lower up to 6 months and not later than 2 months from the scheduled departure.

Fly Off-Season

Periodic fluctuations, like seasonal patterns and holidays, impact the cost of flights. Therefore, expect a price surge during the peak seasons, like springtime and Christmas. Instead, take a trip during the off-season, or shoulder months, when prices of flight tickets usually drop.

Although it does not always rain, it is still an excellent idea to visit Bangkok during the wet season between June and October.

Score Seat Sale Tickets

Airlines, much like various businesses, aim to maximize their earnings. Thus, they use sales tactics and offer a range of sales promotions to persuade customers.

Various airline brands promote ‘seat sale.’ As a result, actual flight costs are reduced to fill-in vacant seats. There are, however, limited seats up for grabs. Hence, subscribe to the airline’s newsletters to alert about their recent ‘seat sale’ promotion.

Book on Flight Search Engines

Using flight search tools, such as Skyscanner, is another way for finding low-priced flights. Flight search engines are online marketplaces for travelers who want to spot the cheapest offers on flights.

The web-based platforms host extensive flight options, enabling prospective clients to evaluate the costs of flights from different airline brands.

Join Loyalty Programs

Loyalty program is a marketing initiative that aims to build customer retention, hence the name. Airline companies grant rewards, such as free flights or complimentary upgrades on a flight, to their frequent flyers for their brand commitment. Hence, repeat customers save a considerable amount for their subsequent trips.

Fly to Multiple Destinations

Hong Kong and Macau are near to each other. Therefore, traveling between the two cities by bus or ferry, which are both reasonably priced, takes roughly an hour.

Reserve a flight that arrives in Hong Kong and leaves from Macau, or vice versa, rather than planning a separate trip and spend additional airfare. Thus, save money for travel on flights that cost half as much.

Pack Light

Extra baggage incurs additional charges from airlines, which raises the cost of travel. Hence, pack lightly.

Make a ‘Minimalist Packing List’ to determine which items are necessary for the trip. Bring enough clothing for the entire duration of the trip and a lightweight luggage, or a backpack, to hold your belongings. Consider this simple yet useful way to save money for travel when flying.

Tips to Save Money on Travel for Lodgings

Based on a study, the ideal length of vacation is eight days, enough to visit Manila and other must-see Philippine destinations. Therefore, it’s imperative to search for accommodations that are inexpensive, especially if on a long holiday break.

However, to score reasonably-priced lodgings to stay in, take into account several important tips to save money on travel for lodgings.

Stay in Suburb Areas

The cost of lodgings in the downtown area is higher than that on the outside of the central business districts and outskirts. An outskirt, or the outlying reaches of a city, has limited yet low-cost accommodations.

However, stay only at the outer city limits if it is well served by a variety of transit options.

Book on Hotel Search Engines

Walk-in and on-the-day hotel reservations are, without a doubt, the pricier method to secure a hotel room. Instead, use hotel search engines to make a reservation.

Hotel booking engines, like Agoda, are online platforms that display a broad range of hotels and other lodging selections. Much like flight search engines, they also feature filter search of hotels’ locations, amenities, and rates.

Reserve with a 'Cancellation Policy'

A hotel’s cancellation policy is one of the best things about booking a hotel via online. Many lodging facilities offer risk-free cancellations. In the event of unforeseen circumstances, you may revoke early reservations without incurring any charges.

Travel During Off-Season

Activities are reduced during off-season and shoulder months because of occurrences and weather-related conditions, like rainy seasons. Therefore, it is highly recommended to reserve a hotel room and travel during the lean season, when hotel rates drastically drop.

Stay in Hostels

hostel is a cheap lodging facility that offers basic amenities, including bunk beds, storage lockers, and communal bathrooms. This shared accommodation is a more practical approach to saving money for travel since most of your time is spent outdoors.

Book with Hotel Freebies

Besides the complimentary toiletries and Wi-Fi, other budget hotels also offer free breakfast and shuttle service. Benefit from the freebies as they help lessen travel costs.

Tips to Save Money on Travel for Transports

A rise in fuel costs or upgrades to transport services might result in fare hikes that affect travel expenses. Nonetheless, there are a few essential tips to save money on travel to take into account to ensure a cost-effective journey.

Utilize Mass Transport

A mass transportation is a transit service that loads and moves many people. It is the most economical way to navigate places, especially urban areas, as costs are shared among the passengers.

To cut costs on travel, take the train, or bus rather than hiring a private vehicle or a taxi.

Avail Transit Pass

A transit pass, or travel pass, is an electronic card, or a ticket, that enables the passenger to utilize various forms of transportation. The discounted pass entitles the bearer to use the transit service for a predetermined number of journeys, or unlimited trips in a specified time.

Additionally, some transit passes include free admission to attractions or discounts on tours, dining, and retail discounts.

Use Free Transport Services

The world’s wealthiest country, Luxembourg, is the first to offer free transport services to its residents and tourists. Thus, it is entirely free for commuters to use the public transit, such as trains, buses, and trams.

Moreover, Kuala Lumpur and Macau are two of the many cities that offer complimentary shuttle service to commuting public. Benefit from these services to cut down travel expenses.

Utilize Sleeper Buses

The distance between Ho Chi Minh City and Siem Reap is roughly 450 kilometers. Instead of taking a flight or boarding a high-speed rail, opt for a more economical sleeper buses.

Book on Transport Search Engines

Transport search engines, much like flight and hotel search engines, are web-based booking portals that provide  a range of land-and water-based transportations. For extensive options of inexpensive on ground transports and ferries, make a reservation at 12go Asia.

Pay the Exact Fare

In many cities, like Osaka, drivers on public buses don’t issue you a change. Thus, pay the exact fare. A small amount really does go a long way.


If you have the endurance to match, walk to short-distance locations, as it helps reduce travel costs on transportations. Hence, wear appropriate dress and comfortable footwear, and relish the leisurely walk.

Tips to Save Money on Travel for Tours

You visit a place to learn about its history and cultures. Furthermore, discover its well-known features.

Whether you are going to museums or theme parks or otherwise see its natural wonders, you will likely spend a sizeable portion of your travel budget. While admission fees and tours could take a large chunk out of your budget, consider a few tips to save money on travel.

Benefit from Free Attractions

Aside from the paid attractions, there are also free attractions to take advantage of, such as some public parks, temples and shrines, and museums. Furthermore, certain buildings, like the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, one of the tallest structures in Japan, offers free admission on its observation decks.

Join Group Tours

Instead of traveling alone or booking a private excursion, consider joining a group tour. A group tour is an organized and escorted tour consisting of individuals traveling altogether. Participants in the tour may split the costs of the service. Thus, it helps narrow down travel expenditures.

Reserve Activities Online

Activity booking platforms, such as Klook, are web-based marketplaces that provide a broad range of activities. Besides their convenience when making reservations, online shoppers can score great deals on various activity passes.

Tips to Save Money on Travel for Food

Perhaps, you cannot endure an entire day of a taxing tour on an empty stomach. To keep on going, you must eat and stay hydrated.

However, you do not need to spend a lot for a plate of food from upscale restaurants. Thus, there are tips to save money on travel for meals you should think about.

Eat Light Meals

Your bill at a restaurant increases in direct proportion to the amount and variety of foods you order. Hence, make sure to eat sufficient meals. In addition, avoid snacking in between meals to reduce food expenses.

Try Street Foods

A wide selection of food stalls at side streets and night markets serve affordable snacks and meals. Thus, it is among the best places to eat cheaply.

While food hygiene and sanitation remain a concern for some street vendors, be selective and exercise cautionary about unseemly food handling practices. Otherwise, you might end up paying hospital fees due to foodborne illnesses.

Take Advantage of Free Tasting

A free tasting is a complimentary sampling of snacks and beverages offered to the public. Trying these food giveaways does help, even though they won’t completely quench thirst or satisfy hunger. But take only a small amount of these food samples, especially if you are not making purchases.

Book a Lodging with Free Breakfast

Even the reasonably priced lodgings provide a complimentary hotel breakfast for their guests. Certain accommodations provide cheap hotel rooms in conjunction with breakfasts. Hence, make a hotel reservation, particularly during special hotel promotions.

Carry a Water Bottle

It is advised to consume at least 8 glasses of plain water a day to remain hydrated. When out-of-doors, bring a water bottle and refill it at public drinking fountains. Thus, it helps to save money than making recurring purchases at the convenience stores.

Tips to Save Money on Travel for Souvenirs

Refrigerator magnets, key chains, and shirts are among the most well-liked souvenir items to take home. Even small keepsakes will cost you money. Hence, it is important to keep in mind the six tips to save money on travel for souvenir purchases.

Prepare a List of Receivers

Limit the individuals who will receive gifts. The cost of souvenirs increases in relation to the number of relatives, friends, and workmates. Thus, jot down a list of your immediate family members and closest circle of friends.

Buy at Night Markets

Instead of buying at shopping malls or within tourist attractions, make souvenir purchases at night markets. A night market is an out-of-doors marketplace crammed with stalls that sell a range of merchandise at deeply discounted prices. It is also the best spot for affordable dining in addition to shopping.


Certain shops, particularly those in outdoor marketplaces, sell goods at excessive prices. It is therefore necessary to haggle over the price. Alternatively, locate the best shops that provide the most discounts on souvenirs.

Bulk Buying

It is always a good idea to purchase in bulk because it is more cost-effective than buying in pieces. Vendors give hefty price breaks for large purchases.

Avoid Impulse Buying

Make a thoughtful plan for souvenir purchases. Before embarking on a shopping trip, prepare a list of items to buy that suit the allocated budget for souvenirs. Impulsive buying might lead to a rise in travel costs.

Keep Free Souvenirs

Another practical money-saving tips on travel for souvenirs is keeping transit cards, airline and attraction tickets, receipts, etc. Additionally, photographs are the best free souvenir worth keeping.

Do you have any other tips to save money on travel? Please remark in the comment section. For carefully planned itineraries with detailed travel budgets, please check out our guides for some of the world’s best tourist destinations.


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